Celebrating with smoked fish

Celebrating with smoked fish

"On saturday we celebrate in the inn, there's already a meat", grins johann eberth. The fact that he celebrates his 80th birthday on ash wednesday of all days. It's just the way it is when you have your birthday. Then there is just happchen with smoked fish, cheese and eggs, cake, doughnuts and homemade cakes.

The guests did not mind, they toasted with a glass of champagne to the jubilarian, who can tell a lot from his life. For example, he, a native of kleukheim, once took over the large property of his parents here on the main street. In 1973, he remembers, with all the pigs, dairy cows, rabbits and pigeons. "The cows all had a name, the whole family was in it", he remembers. At the age of 24, he married his anna-maria, who died in september 2019. As a young man, johann eberth worked for ten years in construction and road building, was employed in prachting, bamberg and kleukheim. After that he found a job as an upholsterer at riebner in michelau, before he decided to go into agriculture at the age of 33. A fractured leg seven years ago forced him to cut back a bit, but johann eberth is not complaining. He is proud of his seven children, his eleven grandchildren and his first great-grandchild.

In addition to mayor bernhard storath, friends, neighbors and associations also offered their congratulations. At least johann is a member of the vdk, the volunteer fire department, the junglandverein and the music club. There he even played the tuba for more than 25 years. But he has had one hobby for a long time: breeding pigeons. 


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