My weapon is writing?

My weapon is writing?

When adomas danusevicius first went for a walk along the regnitz river, he noticed the auberge’s usual grasses. And he must have been a little enchanted or at least inspired. Immediately he rushed to the director of the kunstlerhaus where he currently lives. To ask nora gomringer what she thinks about bamberg’s fabulous creatures.
Danusevicius is a painter and scholarship holder of the villa concordia. He will live here for eleven months. In this time he wants to search for water creatures among other things. A "magical camp is to be created, he calls it, whereby the concept will be ironically broken again. One can be curious.
Even the director is not yet sure what she means by an ironic "magical camp" has to present. On tuesday evening, it will introduce the new cohort of artists who have moved into the villa, germans and lithuanians. 15 in total, 11 are here today.
Lithuania is the guest country, which will enrich the city culturally in the coming months. Lithuania, the southernmost of the baltic states. Lithuania, the country of – and as a bamberger, the only thing that comes to mind off the top of my head is actually basketball players. No wonder, after all, basketball, says marius ivaskevicius, is one of two religions in his homeland.
The second is the theater. And because he wasn’t rough enough himself, he jokes, he became a playwright and screenwriter. For about four years, ivaskevicius, born in 1973, has seen himself as a political writer. There was a key moment: he was sitting in a hotel room and saw on television that there was a war in ukraine. "I asked myself, how can I make a film about love??" And: "i could kill? Is my weapon writing?" A war, he had learned, lasts about four years in this day and age. Bamberg is to become its demilitarized zone.

A church window as a target

For another hoard, bamberg feels like utopia: heiner blum came to bamberg for the first time about 30 years ago to dance in a new-wave club here. The next day he visited the cathedral, realized there was something to see here, and fell in love. "I have already celebrated my birthday and new year’s eve here", says the professor for experimental spatial concepts. "It could be that I don’t want to leave at all."
Blum works graphically, roughly, often with typography. His dream is the design of a church window. So every artist, whether from the field of literature, music or visual arts, brings his or her own ideas, projects.
Two have one in front of them that is even rougher than art: tim freiwald, a picture-shredding painter, will become a father in bamberg. And birke bertelsmeier, composer, sits pregnant on the stage next to nora gomringer. How is it to compose with two brains, two hearts in the body?? Bertelsmeier grins: "the hormones are changing. One feels like another. And then composes like another." From her field, music, only she and baltakas vykintas are there today.
In october there is another change of apartment. Not everyone stays here for eleven months, there is also the possibility of a five-month fellowship.
Mayor andreas stark (SPD) had emphasized the value of cultural exchange, especially in times of rising nationalism, in his funeral speech. The value of this exchange for the artists becomes clear in the course of the evening. Baltakas, for example, already speaks german and describes himself as an artist between east and west.
Maybe the same goes for najem wali, writer, journalist, who was born in iraq and has been a german citizen since 1992. Many german colleagues were envious of him. Because in the meantime he can travel to his homeland again and move there as a native: "there you only need to throw a stone and you always hit a story."

Germany cup sign to del: “it works”

Germany cup sign to del: 'it works'

Probably never since the first tournament in 1987 has the sporting outcome of the ice hockey germany cup been as insignificant as it was this year.

Latvia’s tournament victory by the 3:2 (1:2, 0:0, 1:0) after verlangerung in krefeld against the german team was of interest only on the sidelines. The 31. The 18th edition of the german ice hockey federation’s home tournament was nevertheless perhaps the most important of all. "The roughest success we could set for ourselves is to give the signal to everyone in the sport, including the league, that it can be done. It works," DEB president franz reindl said with relief on the sidelines of the most unusual germany cup so far.

Survey among bbl coaches: brose baskets and bayern title favorites

survey among bbl coaches: brose baskets and bayern title favorites

The three-way fight for the title turns into a three-way fight in the 50. Basketball bundesliga season a duel. Bamberg or bayern – one of the two heavyweights from the south will be german champion, the coaches of the 18 clubs largely agree on that. In a poll of coaches conducted by the deutsche presse agency, the two top teams were named 14 times each.

Brose baskets even stronger

Defending champion bamberg and challenger munich, on the other hand, continued to make do instead of spill the beans. The brose baskets were able to keep their championship team together with the exception of star center trevor mbakwe and even strengthen it with top players like nicolo melli or nikolaos sisis. Munich learned its lessons from the final defeat to its southern rivals and gave its team a "facelift", as managing director volker stix described it.

As close as possible to the piggy

As close as possible to the piggy

Silver balls roll across the chippings, the pensioners joke, laugh, discuss. Whose ball is closest to the piggy, the small target ball?? French flair and joie de vivre spread when the men and women meet on mondays at the square next to the musicians' home. "We wanted to do a little more, but it was supposed to be a leisurely sport", dieter arheidt remembers the founding of the boule group about six years ago. His wife margareta has also been there from the beginning.
The manner are all retired soldiers and belong to the hammelburger kameradschaft ERH (former, reservists and survivors) in the german armed forces association. "With the support of our honorary chairman ludwig sand, the group was launched at that time", reports arheidt. Six of the wives now also play.
Between 12 and 18 seniors come to the meetings, which are held every 1. And 3. Monday takes place. At the beginning, several groups are drawn by lot, separated into men and ladies. Everyone is allowed to throw two balls, after which they are evaluated. If it is not clear which ball is closest to the piggy, the mabband is twitched.
There are no teams, everyone plays for themselves and tries to score as many points as possible and win games (see also info box). At the end of the season in autumn there is a challenge cup to be presented in november.

"We play even in the rain"

A greenkeeper not only has to mow the lawn

A greenkeeper not only has to mow the lawn

The external conditions have to be right, no matter what sport or league it is. Particularly high demands are placed on the quality of a golf course, as the players always want to drive, pitch, chip and putt on well-kept greens that resemble the carpet. A lot of work is done in the background and responsible is the greenkeeper. This profession is now also practiced by frank czarnietzki, who has lived with his family in weichtungen in the district of bad kissingen since 2003.

Immediately caught fire
The trained banker was infected by the golf virus when his boss at the time from a bank in schweinfurt took him to an introductory course in maria bildhausen. "I immediately caught fire. It was super and made great fun right away.", says czarnietzki. When the maria bildhausen golf club was also looking for a club secretary, he jumped at the chance and changed jobs according to the motto "where I do sports, I can also do work." Besides his desk work, czarnietzki was also interested in golf course maintenance. Reinhard michalk, the greenkeeper from bildhausen, took him out onto the course again and again, where he was allowed to move holes, for example. The varied work on the golf course fascinated him and his new goal was to become a greenkeeper.