Kronach middle school has 132 fewer students than in 2007

Kronach middle school has 132 fewer students than in 2007

In 2007, 449 students from the communities of kronach and wilhelmsthal attended the gottfried neukam middle school. Now, only 317 attend, 61 of them from the neighboring community. A further decline in the number of students in the area of the middle school kronach as well as in the other middle schools in the area of the middle school kronach should also lead the state education authority kronach to consider whether a new school area division had to be considered in the area of the current middle schools in order to create at least one high-performing middle school that can offer all three required branches, he said.

The school association of kronach III, for example, still considers it a mistake to have spun off the former weibenbrunn municipality in order to create a larger school unit in the south of kronach, which in the end could not be implemented in the intended form.

Advantage practice

Advantage practice

Andreas pfaff would make it so again. In sixth grade, today's ninth grader had been able to go to junior high school. He decided against it. "I had a learning disability, was bad in german. At the middle school, everyone receives individual attention. The fact that you don't have constantly changing teachers, but one class teacher, who knows you and can respond to your needs. It was good for me, and that's why I stayed here", the schoolmaster of the gottfried-neukam middle school explains. But that's not the only reason: andreas wanted to become an industrial mechanic; through various internships that are part of the curriculum, he has already gained experience, has been able to find out whether this job really suits him – and has even already received training offers.

Uwe dorfer, director of the school district, also sees the in-depth vocational orientation as one of the advantages of the middle schools. He makes a plea for this – especially for those in the kronach school district. The bad reputation as a "rest school, the middle schools often have, they do not deserve, dorfer is convinced. Of course, one must differentiate between the schools in the cities and in the countryside. "You should first see for yourself what is on offer at the middle schools before you criticize", dorfer is of the opinion.

Fos herzogenaurach continues to have bad cards to play

The reactions ranged from regrettable (jorg bubel) to disappointing (doris wustner): at its meeting yesterday morning, the district school committee had no choice but to take note of the statements made by district administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD). A technical high school in herzogenaurach currently has no chance of approval, he said.

At the request of the SPD and CSU, the head of the district had once again sought clarification from the ministry of education, but he was unable to elicit any better news from the ministerial director, german denneborg. On the contrary: the attitude has become even more critical, irlinger said. A rejection is not to be rutteln at present.

Kindergarten places are enough

Martin hempfling from the youth welfare planning department of the district of forchheim discussed the childcare situation for children not yet of school age with the market town council of wiesenttal. There are 63 children between the ages of three and six and 59 between the ages of one and three in the municipality.

The concern of the council members that the number is not enough for school year classes is not justified, at least for the next few years. However, some classes will be only 15 or 16 children strong. There is also no need to improve the situation for regular children between the ages of three and six. The 75 places in the protestant kindergarten and in the forest kindergarten streitberg are sufficient for the next few years. Although quite a few foreigners also attend the forest kindergarten, this is compensated for by the fact that children from wiesenttal are mainly in ebermannstadt.

Between pleasure and frustration

The middle school kirchehrenbach hosted the 25. Practical seminar of the catholic educators’ association (KEG) of the district associations of upper and central franconia held in. Josef kraus, former president of the german teachers’ association and author of "how to drive an educational nation into the wall," attended the anniversary event, invited as keynote speakers.
Teachers and educators between pleasure and frustration? "High expectations are associated with this topic due to the diverse ways of looking at these two in-service sensations, according to kraus, who appealed to "lust" to keep awake, with which padagogen start into their occupation. There are only 800,000 teachers at about 42,000 schools for about eleven million students. For about 3.5 million children, just over 400,000 educators are available in 55,000 preschool childcare facilities.
Overall, the percentage of "riveters and brakemen" is in the educator and teaching profession certainly no rougher than in other professions. The difference: in other professions, it is not so conspicuous if someone is not a role model. A teacher who teaches about 400 different young people a week multiplies his performance or even his" slacker" up to 400 times a week.
Surveys had shown that parents wanted more strictness from teachers. Being a teacher will be "damn difficult", he said classified. Kraus cited the fact that the 16 ministers of education have not been able to produce halay solid personnel planning and recruitment for decades as a major problem. As a result, there is always a shortage of teachers. Likewise, the vision of well-behaved children is a thing of the past. Moms who didn’t show the kids the ropes expected the educational "basics from the staff.
It is becoming increasingly common for parents to act as if the teacher is the only obstacle on the way to the abitur. Moreover, more and more educational tasks were imposed on preschool institutions and schools. The school, however, is overburdened as an all-powerful pedagogical fire department and as a social repair facility.
Educators and teachers became really angry when they were let down by politicians, administrators and so-called educational scientists, or even when they were "screwed" were. New evaluations are of little use in the face of a clientele that in part lacks the will to integrate.
Kraus called it a cliche when bucher headlined:" it all depends on the teacher!" Teachers are important, but it also depends on the schools, their parents, the density of education, the curricula and much more, including the school structure! And it depends on the talent and motivation of the young people.
The success of a school depends to one third on the teachers, the general conditions, the parents and the work attitude of the students. Sovereign teachers don’t like to be made crazy by "education experts". Good teachers are demanding, because without the will to perform and without effort, the potential of young people is wasted. "We don’t need a secondary school, we need a school where achievement is a joy."


“Okological vandals”: economist condemns lifestyle of many burgers

Ahead of the world climate conference, economist niko paech attests to the fact that many burghers are exchanging themselves for the fatal environmentally damaging consequences of their lifestyle.

In the midst of all the cries about the climate crisis, it is the demand for decadent luxury that is growing most strongly, and which is causing an immense emission of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate, the economist from the university of siegen told the german press agency.

Weilersbach community honors chronicler heidi amon and bookstore manager

weilersbach community honors chronicler heidi amon and bookstore manager

Pauline lindner the year-end meeting of the weilersbach town council was marked by honors. Second mayor marco friepes (CSU), who stood in for gerd amon who was ill, presented certificates of thanks from the municipality to franz-josef gotz and heidi amon.

Gotz has been in charge of the parish register for 29 years and is now giving up at the age of 70. At the request of the then parish priest monsignor adolf schrenk, he established the parish register and has been in charge of it ever since. According to friepes in his laudatory speech, gotz took care to ensure that the library’s stock of books was always up to date and organized the lending service to ensure that the people of weilersbach always had interesting reading material to choose from.

Poland before the presidential election: a country in battle mode

Poland before the presidential election: a country in battle mode

Andrzej duda comes too late. His supporters stand crowded in the sweltering summer heat on the market square in starachowice. They are waiting for the campaign appearance of the polish president, who hopes to be re-elected on sunday.

Sudden movement at the edge of the marketplace: a small group unrolls a poster of rafal trzaskowski – duda’s challenger. He is not well liked here.

Csu local association honors loyal members

Csu local association honors loyal members

At the meeting of the CSU local association, deputy district chairman gerhard schneider and local chairman thorsten schwieder honored long-serving members: martha schaller was honored for 45 years of service to the local association, and hans gabeli for 40 years. Hermann hildner has been a member for 30 years and veronika schwinn for ten years.

Plans for broadband expansion

At the meeting, mayor doris leithner-bisani (CSU) pointed out that telekom will be responsible for the expansion in the municipality. According to leithner-bisani, the village did not come into any demand program, because there is also kabel deutschland there and it is therefore considered to be supplied. The advantage for telekom is that the market has already had empty pipes installed in various places as part of the village renewal inspections, so that almost no civil engineering work is required. Only in a few places does the wide cable have to be laid in the sidewalk. The access road to weiler lindenhof will be built from wirsberg along the B303 via an earlier demand program costing around 40,000 euros.
She also reported that only a few building sites are still available for lease in the municipality. Especially after the construction of the REWE store, the sales of the building sites went up by leaps and bounds. Considerations for a new construction area are already underway.
With regard to the sewage disposal, the market community will have to deal with the necessary water law approval. Ludwigschorgast has the next two years to do so. At the moment, everything is being calculated for the granting of an elevated water law permit. As a result, according to leithner-bisani, it is already clear that spillway structures such as a storm water retention basin will have to be rebuilt. First of all, a sewer cadastre was commissioned. Planning for the further improvement of the wastewater plant must be completed by 2018 at the latest.

Fire department honors loyal members and looks back on milestone in its association history

Fire department honors loyal members and looks back on milestone in its association history

As chairman martin schug said at the main meeting of the fire department in the "old school in his review of the past year, the fire department has a staff of 53 members. 33 of them are active members. In relation to the number of inhabitants of loffeld, this is still a very considerable number.

Among the official events he singled out the village festival on 18. August 2018. This time, a particularly large number of visitors came to loffeld to enjoy the shade of the lime tree in front of the "old school" to be pampered with culinary specialties. Another milestone in the history of the fire department was the extension of the fire station with an annex under the leadership of the former commander peter grasser. Finally, schug gave some information about the state of preparations of the festivities committee for the 125th anniversary of the fire department in 2022.