For peaceful coexistence: kronach sweden procession commemorates courageous women

for peaceful coexistence: kronach sweden procession commemorates courageous women

The women still walk in front of the holy of holies: first held 384 years ago, the sweden procession in kronach still offers this unusual sight. With the procession, the people of kronach commemorate their victory in 1634. The swedish procession is not only a thank you for being spared, but also a plea for peaceful coexistence among the people of the city – and a thank you to the brave women who played a decisive role in the three-year war.

As the northernmost stronghold of the bishopric of bamberg, kronach was frequently exposed to enemy attacks, but the burghers successfully defied all attempts at conquest. In 1634, however, they faced an overwhelming number of attackers. When the men, weary from battle, wanted to give up, the hour of the energetic women came. Armed with cobblestones and boiling water, they put their opponents to flight.

Study: coffee improves positive perception

study: coffee improves positive perception

66 subjects should distinguish real words from meaningless terms on the computer screen. This worked much better with positive words like flirt, humor and wealth under the influence of caffeine than with negative or neutral words. Lars kuchinke and vanessa lux present their study in the current issue of the scientific journal "PLOS ONE".

That coffee drinkers had a more positive view of the world, however, was "unfortunately not directly" the case, kuchinke said on wednesday. Also, "whether the effect affects the reading of an entire text, we can’t say at the moment". In the test with individual words, at any rate, the effect was shown after taking a tablet with 200 milligrams of caffeine. According to the study, this corresponds to about two to three cups of coffee.

Who will rule bamberg’s city hall after the election??

Who will rule Bamberg's city hall after the election??

There are many questions that the 2020 city council election raises: who will have the say in bamberg’s city hall in the future?? Will the new or old mayor be trimmed, as in the past, by a rough cooperative coalition of CSU and SPD (groko), or will completely new constellations form? Is there even a threat of fragmentation of power in view of the large number of election proposals??

Unlike the first simultaneous election for mayor, forecasting the distribution of the 44 city council seats is much more difficult. This has to do with two trends in particular: the nationwide growth of the greens and the fragmentation of the so-called civic parties. Both of these developments could cause a great deal of confusion in the familiar bamberg hierarchy in the town hall.

District of forchheim: corona crisis a disaster for restaurateurs

district of forchheim: corona crisis a disaster for restaurateurs

In the forchheim region, too, companies have to deal with the issue of coronavirus. Dipak sapre supplies "raw materials for lace cakes" with his pretzfeld company spices and ingredients to the retail trade. "We have immediately tightened the hygiene checks in the company", he tells. For example, handles are disinfected twice a day and face masks are worn. "For two weeks we have lost the export business, but the demand from german companies has increased", reports sapre. Work is done with fewer employees, the foreign temporary workers have gone back to their home countries. The company has announced short-time work as a precautionary measure.

Standstill after italy

The cross-border traffic of goods came to a standstill. "Straight to italy. We have supplied many wholesalers in the catering industry", explains sapre. There is more demand from the retail trade; however, less for exclusive products, but rather for products for basic supply. Dipak sapre does not currently see any bottlenecks here either.

Playing makes fun

There are far too few games, says franz noffke (REP), a member of the forchheim city council. There are hardly any inns where kartlers are still welcome. Noffke wants to counter this with an afternoon of games, which he is organizing for today, saturday, at the "sonne" inn on the vineyard path. From 14 o'clock is played.

What is played is left up to the guests. Card players are just as welcome as families who want to enjoy a board game or dice game with their children again. Muhle, dame or halma are ready and also schafkopf cards are waiting.

Archivist for alliance frank saale valley

Sigismund von dobschutz despite the growing volume of archives and increasing digitization, municipal archives and registries in smaller communities are mostly managed by volunteers. The member municipalities of the french saale valley alliance are planning to remedy this situation as quickly as possible by hiring an intermunicipal archivist with the appropriate professional training.

In its most recent meeting, the oberthulba community council followed the example of other member communities and unanimously approved this project. The municipality is to contribute proportionally to the costs of a media and information service specialist, provided that a corresponding demand is promised by the bavarian ministry of the interior.

Trump: no more “war games” off korean peninsula

Trump: no more 'war games' off korean peninsula

The U.S. Is having a hard time with its north korea line: U.S. President donald trump had to clarify on wednesday that he wanted to abolish the joint military maneuvers with south korea off the korean peninsula.

"There is currently no reason to spend gross amounts of money on joint war games between south korea and the u.S.," trump wrote on twitter on wednesday.

Who on bird flu in china: “massive testing needed”

who on bird flu in china: 'massive testing needed'

The pathogen is currently known to be passed from birds to humans, but the animals show no symptoms, WHO representative michael O’leary said in beijing on monday. "This makes massive testing of the animal population necessary. We can only see if they are sick in the laboratory." At least 24 people have already been infected.

The new virus is fundamentally different in its effect on animals from the H5N1 bird flu of a few years ago. "With H5N1, chickens in particular died in gross numbers. We were therefore able to track the pathogen much more easily in the population of animals," said O’leary. According to the WHO, more than 600 people worldwide have been infected with the H5N1 virus since 2003 and more than 300 have died.

The parade of the gockel

the parade of the gockel

Around 30 pictures at regular intervals next to each other, one above the other. Hanging, standing, lying. 20 minutes after the vernissage began, three of the paintings already had a red dot on them. You have made it- sold!
Among them is also the "gockelparade. This picture is hung frontally at the end of the room so that everyone can see it. Provided that the art room of the bookstore frankische schweiz is a little emptier than on that tuesday evening, when veronika bayer opened her watercolor exhibition there.
Among the 30 or so guests, the artist from plankenfels was also present. Proudly and yet very modestly presents chickens, roses, buildings, landscapes. Motifs from their nearest surroundings, from the home garden, from the french switzerland. And all these objects seem to dissolve into a single colorful sea under their hands – though they are careful to put down the brush here and there to create sharp boundaries.
Veronika bayer’s works are still available until 10. February in the bookstore frankische schweiz, hauptstrabe 3, ebermannstadt, germany.