The steckerles forest is changing

The steckerles forest is changing

Luck has many faces. In this case, it turns the corner with a small landing wagon and trailer. Out climbs an old man in a blue shirt with the imprint "bayerische staatsforsten". He was loading leftover vegetables and potatoes. You must be for the deer behind the fence where we have been standing for just five minutes.
Here in the neunhofer forest, directly on the district road to kalchreuth (district of erlangen-hochstadt), the state forestry operates a game preserve. The arrow struck close by, in the middle of the northern part of the nurnberg reichswald forest. A good kilometer away is the A-3 rest stop "weiber graben", the airport is three and a half kilometers away as the crow flies. All forest in between.
So this time a forest story. After all, the four-hectare open-air enclosure is not an everyday occurrence. It has existed for about 40 years. At first, red deer and fallow deer were mixed here; since 2012, only the more peaceful fallow deer have been grazed.
The view goes from the observation pulpit over to five deer, which, lying on the ground about 100 meters from here, are not disturbed by anything. Boredom on a friday morning. One could also say: forest idyll. But nothing for a reporter looking for a special forest story.

70 percent pine

"I am the forster", says the man with the blue shirt. If there’s anyone who can tell you something about this patch of french soil and about the forest in general, it’s him: hubertus hadwiger, who for nine years has been the district manager in the neunhofer forest, a part of the roughly 40,000-hectare reichswald forest. In his life as a forester, the 61-year-old has been around a lot. The native of bamberger was among other things responsible for forchheim-reuth. Here, in this place, he comes only once a day "sometime, depending on when the container is filled with leftovers". Today it came at just the right moment. Luck!
According to hadwiger, the enclosure owned by the state of bavaria serves not so much as a game preserve, but rather as a local recreational attraction in the nurnberg area. If you want to relax in the reichswald, you are in good hands with the gravelled path network. The forest, whose name is derived not from the third reich but from the free imperial city of nurnberg, only shows its charms on closer inspection.

Through the former gdr to the spring in the riesengebirge

This is the report of heiner and gerch seeberger, whose latest tour took them from the mouth of the elbe in the north sea to its source in the riesengebirge mountains in the czech republic.

We started in cuxhaven. Next to us the rough "potte" (ships), on the other side the dike, which is grazed by cattle and sheep. On the second day we changed sides and drove via blankenese to altona. An overnight stay on the reeperbahn was booked. We made a city tour with our bikes around the auben- and binnenalster with one stop. On the stairs at the jungfernstieg we had a lively conversation. An old turkish guest worker, who has been living in hamburg for a long time, told us a little about his life here with us. And of course we also talked about the big and small politics. In the evening we went to the famous fischer-haus and ate a "finkenwerder art" plaice. The next morning, before continuing our journey, we made a detour to the world-famous miniature railroad museum – an unforgettable experience.
After three hours of sightseeing we continued on good cycle paths along or on the dike. After lauenburg, hitzacker, dannenberg and lenzen we changed sides again. In front of us a former watchtower from GDR times, now we knew we were in brandenburg. Shortly before magdeburg we crossed europe's largest waterway crossing. This is an imposing structure: the mittelland and elbe-havel canals cross the elbe river.
On a farm, in a caravan, we found a somewhat different accommodation: 16.50 euro with breakfast per person. Our next stop was the lutherstadt wittenberg. The new morning brought us again a strong wind. He gave us a feeling as if we were sitting on an e-bike. The mighty hartenfels castle, located directly on the elbe river, could be seen from afar. Slowly, the elbe valley was framed by vineyards to the right and left.
From meiben via dresden, via wehlen, konigstein, bad schandau and through the elbsandstein-mountains we drove through a unique and worth seeing region. Here you could take a vacation! We made a detour to the fortress, which is one of the largest fortresses in europe. From a height of 240 meters we had a magnificent view. The valley became wider again.
At our next coffee break we had to pay already with crowns. We had arrived in the czech republic. From here the elbe makes a rough bend in southeastern direction. In usti we found a good place to stay in a hostel for 13 euro per person. An inn with an old shady courtyard invited us to dinner and we enjoyed the hearty bohemian cuisine. Because the bike paths here were often very bumpy, we occasionally swerved onto the side roads.
Our next destination was melnik, where the moldau river flows into the elbe river. We continued via nymburg, kolin to pardubice. From here the elbe turned to the north to start in the riesengebirge after about 70 kilometers in spindel-muhlen as a young river. To get to the source of the elbe, we had to take the chairlift up to 1150 meters. From there it was about ten kilometers to fub at an altitude of 1400 meters. Here we had finally reached our goal.
After two weeks and three days we reached our destination after cycling 1300 kilometers.

Dean seals easter

dean seals easter

At the last service of pentecost, catholic christians concluded the paschal festive season by extinguishing the paschal candle. Dean kilian kemmer also lit the easter candle after the evening vespers service in the city parish church st. Georg geloscht.

In his pentecost sermon, dean kemmer asked the question "who has the holy spirit for himself?. In the many fears for the future of the present, many contemporaries asked themselves how things should continue politically, socially, ecologically, and ecclesiastically and religiously. At the beginning of the church, this lack of orientation after the death and resurrection of jesus was just as fearful and anxious, says kemmer. Only by prioritizing the spiritual life of prayer and worship did the early christians discover how god’s spirit can work in the church and the world.

New compact hose maintenance system for allianz communities

New compact hose maintenance system for allianz communities

As an "excellent example of meaningful cooperation in an inter-municipal alliance" bad bocklet’s mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) described the purchase of a compact system for hose maintenance and pressure testing, which was unanimously approved by the municipal council on tuesday and is to be used jointly by all fire departments of the municipalities of bad bocklet and nudlingen. While oberthulba and burkardroth, as other member communities of the kissinger bogen alliance, have no need, but on the other hand the fire hoses from bad bocklet (295 hoses) and nudlingen (321) cannot be maintained in the modern burkardroth facility for capacity reasons, there have been "for many years", the mayor went on to say that there is a great need for investment in the hose maintenance and hose testing equipment of the bockelt and nudlingen fire departments.

The hose towers and tower drying systems of the bockelt weirs are in need of renovation anyway, explained company manager thomas beck to the municipal councils. According to the current fire department requirements plan, it also makes sense for the further structural development of the seven fire departments to no longer carry out hose maintenance in the respective fire station in the future. Also, by using a shared compact facility standing in noodles, the defense forces could save on the maintenance costs of their own towers.

The winter goes into the next extension

The winter goes into the next extension

Many germans flee the country and fly to the sun. From zero degrees in the northeast to ten degrees in the south, the palette in germany ranges over the holidays. This year’s march could be the coldest in 130 years in some federal states. In great britain, the snow masses buried sheep and easter lambs under themselves. Tons of snow to be cleared in moscow and kiev, followed by the threat of flooding.

"High "jill" over south scandinavia just won’t let up and continues to send us permanently cold air from russian or polar regions," said meteorologist simon trippler of the german weather service (DWD) in offenbach on wednesday. A spring breakthrough is not in sight. Also low "dieter", which crosses germany from west to east until saturday, will not make it warmer, but will bring rain and snow. And after that, the eastern current dominates again: "this guarantees the continuation of the too cold weather beyond easter", said trippler.

Where the trucks rumble through at nighttime

Where the trucks rumble through at nighttime

It was not about a neighborly dispute, but rather about neighborly envy. The discussion about a separate bypass route for the B 279 was sparked off in the rentweinsdorf market town council when it was supposed to decide on the reckendorf land use plan. Because "they have immediately a couple of reversals purely painted", according to mayor willi sendelbeck (SPD), "at some point we need a solution – preferably from sulzdorf to breitengubbach," the mayor said, because it can't be that "something happens in reckendorf and not in pfarrweisach".

Sendelbeck initially left his own community out of the equation. Not so his councillors. Second mayor willi andres (CSU) drew a completely different conclusion from the reckendorf land use plan: "they are planning building areas in the huben and druben districts, so traffic will continue to pass right through the middle of them. But we need a bypass", directed other people's interest to their own sovereign territory. "But where?", it sounded from the mayor's chair back: "remains only the hitler route on the high road."

Bernanke does not rule out ‘weak recession’ in 2013

Bernanke does not rule out 'weak recession' in 2013

This could even lead to a "weak recession" early next year, bernanke said in his semi-annual report to the US senate banking committee. He warned urgently of the risks of the euro crisis for the american and global economy. "The possibility that the situation in europe will deteriorate further remains a crucial threat to the outlook," he said tuesday.

At the same time, the fed chief made it clear that the central bank was ready to trim the economy with further m easures. However, he did not name any specific steps. Historically low interest rates should be maintained at least until the end of 2014.

A new beginning after the fire

A new beginning after the fire

Miriam hegner

the forklift slowly lowers its massive load, a brand-new cnc machine wrapped in plastic film and adhesive tape. Tobias reinhardt watches the process with a watchful eye. Because this machine, together with the two others that the forklift truck is bringing into the hall one by one, is the cornerstone of the new machinery of the company reinhardt prazisionsdrehteile, the cornerstone of the new beginning after the catastrophe.

E-center in kitzingen to be rebuilt

E-center in kitzingen to be rebuilt

The kitzingen e-center is to be redesigned and reorganized. And the city administration would like to kill two birds with one stone with it. She wants to strengthen the location on marktbreiter strabe – and the city center at the same time.

How this is to be achieved? By linking the interests of both – the city and the company – with each other. The kitzingen city council decides on the plan on thursday.

17 Dead in airplane crash in congo

17 dead in airplane crash in congo

An old german-built propeller plane crashed into a house during takeoff in the congo, killing at least 25 people, according to local authorities.

The plane was carrying 17 passengers and two crew members, according to the office of the provincial governor of north kivu. They were all killed when the dornier 228 crashed into a house shortly after takeoff in the town of goma on sunday, he said. In this house, another six people died in the accident, according to health authorities.