Small gems in a rough cast

Small gems in a rough cast

Eckehard kiesewetter ebern- peter rosenberg loves music, of course, and he loves ruckert, which he has proven for at least three years with the concept and the selection of pieces for the music days ebern. But the former concertmaster of the bamberg symphony orchestra loves even more. For example, his romanian hometown of cuj-napoca, from which he recruited the musicians for his "ruckert ensemble" recruited.

Number games

And he obviously loves the number games: two years ago they started with a quintet, and the following year they moved up to a sextet, and this time the concerts in september will feature a septet, an octet, and finally even a nonet. The 69-year-old speaks of "almost symphonic chamber music" and a "maximum step, the musicians of the national opera orchestra are then already represented in the town parish church in ebern in a small orchestra line-up. Rosenberg promises the audience: "this is a new dimension of sound that was not there before."

A place of farewell for all people of unterleiterbach

A place of farewell for all people of unterleiterbach

It almost seemed like a never-ending story: more than six years ago, the market town council of zapfendorf visited the dilapidated mortuary in unterleiterbach during a site visit. Since the renovation turned out to be too expensive, the decision was quickly made to build a new building. But he delayed, several drafts were discussed, finances played more and more a role. Now the new mortuary is standing – and was handed over to its intended purpose in the course of a church service.

Cracks in the walls
When cracks appeared a few years ago in the unterleiterbach morgue, which was built in 1970, they were repeatedly patched up. The renovation, however, turned out to be not exactly permanent. Perhaps the building lacked a proper foundation, the councilors suggested, and the bells housed in the roof and the shock they caused did the rest. It soon became clear that if unterleiterbach was to continue to have a mortuary, a new building would have to be built.
There were discussions about a separate bell tower, about a toilet facility and about the sense and nonsense of having charnel houses in the different parts of the community. At the end of the process, the design of the current building was created – with the bells in the attic, as before. In the course of the construction period, including the furnishings, around 116,000 euros were spent on the mortuary "an attractive building at a reasonable cost", as mayor josef martin (CSU/VU) called it at the inauguration ceremony.
Father charles and pastor kornelius holmer were also present. "It is a special day for me to be able to help inaugurate a mortuary. In my home country, the new federal states, death was mostly pushed to the margins. But saying goodbye is essential for us to be able to grieve and come to terms with the death of a loved one, said pastor holmer. Together with father charles, he consecrated the building, which was accompanied by the music of the unterleiterbach brass band.

Home as a concern

Home as a concern

Home is for josef "sepp madl not a kitschy romantic affair, but a concern. This was already the case in its original home of altotting. And that is also the case in stadtsteinach, where he found his current home in 1958. Today, tuesday, he turns 80 years old.

Even though it wasn’t his first choice, he had to learn the carpentry trade from home first, madl recounts. After three years of apprenticeship, he added two more years as a journeyman. In his free time, he explored his upper bavarian homeland, climbed mountains, and was also involved in the altotting fire department and the kolping family.

Ludwig topfer lives for music

Ludwig Topfer lives for music

The all-round talent born in tannfeld in the highlands of the jura is widely known. After the war, topfer co-founded the local singing society and strengthened the choir for more than 50 years. His musical ear is phenomenal, musicality is innate to him.
"I learned to play on an ancient accordion when I was four years old," he says with a gleam in his eye. "His mother sang songs like hanschen klein, fuchs, du hast die gans gestohlen, or kommt ein vogel geflogen (a bird flies). And I learned." When he was six years old, his mother bought a bandonica with the butter money – his parents were farmers. This was the foundation stone for your son's career as a musician.

Love note to the wife

“Fools garden” let the habfurt people dream

Whether 30 million television viewers, 100,000 fans at live concerts or 60 guests in an intimate setting: peter freudenthaler and volker hinkel, who founded the band "fool's garden" in 1991, have a lot to say about their audience have always given their all. "It's not the quantity that counts, but the quality", said the two at their performance in the rathaushalle in habfurt "and you are really great", they praised their audience "we had a lot of fun today"."

Very close
A "gentle, exclusive, up-close" concert peter freudenthaler had promised the visitors, and kept his word. Because in the intimitat of the rathaushalle the public came not only into the benefit of the wonderful songs, but also the charming and humorous moderations of the sanger. Although peter freudenthaler the hit "lemon tree" written and with the band "fool's garden" has celebrated world successes, he has remained without staralluren.

Riot in upper franconia: drunk floods arrest cell

Riot in Upper Franconia: drunk floods arrest cell

Police were called to selb near marktredwitz in the night from tuesday to wednesday because of loud music. But even after ringing the bell and knocking on the door, no one opened it. After the extremely drunk resident could finally be taken out of his apartment by the fire department, the police brought him to a detention cell to be smoked out. But the case was far from over.

Unusual police operation in central franconia: squealing pigs in a screaming garden

Music and audience in close contact

Music and audience in close contact

It was late: until half past one in the morning, the 8000 festival guests were allowed to listen to the songs on the meadow in front of the banz monastery on a summer’s eve. Varied program: young talent, established artists, world stars.
How is the "new"? The new one, that is matthias brodowy. A northern light. He now took over as host from bodo wartke. Also a northern light. Brodowy was a wonderful conversationalist, someone who knew how to tell stories without any trace of chumming up to the audience. On wednesday he did not know that he would have an "anchor place" in the future will have in the obermain valley. A franciscan priest friend had married the former catholic theology student brodowy in hanover. The father was transferred: to vierzehnheiligen of all places. Immediately after arriving on wednesday, the new "I went to see him," she said with a laugh.

Bright change of color

Celebrating with smoked fish

Celebrating with smoked fish

"On saturday we celebrate in the inn, there's already a meat", grins johann eberth. The fact that he celebrates his 80th birthday on ash wednesday of all days. It's just the way it is when you have your birthday. Then there is just happchen with smoked fish, cheese and eggs, cake, doughnuts and homemade cakes.

The guests did not mind, they toasted with a glass of champagne to the jubilarian, who can tell a lot from his life. For example, he, a native of kleukheim, once took over the large property of his parents here on the main street. In 1973, he remembers, with all the pigs, dairy cows, rabbits and pigeons. "The cows all had a name, the whole family was in it", he remembers. At the age of 24, he married his anna-maria, who died in september 2019. As a young man, johann eberth worked for ten years in construction and road building, was employed in prachting, bamberg and kleukheim. After that he found a job as an upholsterer at riebner in michelau, before he decided to go into agriculture at the age of 33. A fractured leg seven years ago forced him to cut back a bit, but johann eberth is not complaining. He is proud of his seven children, his eleven grandchildren and his first great-grandchild.

Katharina’s ex-factotum knocks on the bush

Katharina's ex-factotum knocks on the bush

Rosenmontag is a fitting day to refer to a new publication for the wagner year, which will probably also be classified as one of the most curious at the end of the year – like the brochure "mutter brunnhilde" published in 1906 from dr. Moritz wirth, who seriously attempts to extract from the score of "gotterdammerung to prove that brunnhilde was pregnant and thus, among other things, a certain note figure as "milchdrusen- oder lusttriole" to be defined.

One has quite so much fun reading "mein wagner. In richard’s footsteps by alexander busche not (grebennikov verlag, 166 pp., 16,90 €). Which simply has to do with the fact that the author takes the embarrassing approach of linking the previous stages of his 34-year life with the biography of richard wagner. Even the cover of his album is, as music journalist dieter david scholz found in his review on deutschlandradio, a "grotesque case of self-dramatization.

Potato and music enjoyment

potato and music enjoyment

In the protestant congregation of gleisenau "luthert it continues to be a huge. In the framework of the events for the anniversary "500 years of reformation" will take place next saturday, 21. October, at 18.30 o'clock in the community center in schonbrunn, a special event took place: the "luther potato festival".
This feast has been planned for a long time, because in the spring, the violet-colored potato variety "vitelotte planted and now harvested in autumn. As is well known, purple is the color of the evangelical church, and it is particularly suitable for an evangelical potato festival. This potato has a unique nutty and pithy flavor, almost similar to chestnuts. The substance responsible for the bluish color is even said to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. The potato is served with herring or curd cheese.

Around the potato

But that is by no means all. There are table speeches on "how the potato came to us", "the potato in agriculture today and in the past" and also about "potato varieties" is informed. A "little potato sermon" by pastor volkmar gregori must of course not be missing; there is the quiz "who will be luther potato champion?" And a "wirtshaussingen".
On tuesday, 31. October, at 10 a.M. There will be an ecumenical service in gleisenau and in the evening at 7 p.M. There will be an organ concert with one of the most famous organists of the present day, the principal organist christian schmitt of the bamberg symphony orchestra, who is at home on the organs of the world.
With cabaret in the church and refreshments from the cauldron during breaks, the event continues on saturday, 4. November, at 7 p.M., and on sunday, 5 p.M. November, there will be the luther day from 11 a.M., organized by the young community of gleisenau.