New security concept for hirschaider kerwa

New security concept for hirschaider kerwa

One thing is clear: this year, hirschaid’s first mayor, klaus homann (CSU), will not be as relaxed as he was at the start of the kerwa last year. Although this year all the conditions for ensuring that nothing happens are actually optimized.

From a purely psychological point of view, albert hafner, head of the bamberg-land police department, can understand homann’s tension – after the events of the past year. "Here you are much safer than at the oktoberfest in munich", it dares nevertheless a prognosis.

Making a strong case for the kulmbach campus in munich

making a strong case for the kulmbach campus in munich

Since the state government’s decision last year, the city of kulmbach and the university of bayreuth have been working on implementing the project. An important step in this process is the inclusion of the transfer in the 2019/20 double budget of the free state of bavaria, for which the mayor of hamburg, henry schramm, once again spoke out in munich. There he met with science minister marion kiechle and finance and home affairs minister albert furacker. The minister of science was particularly interested in the research focus of the new faculty. OB schramm: "the minister had an open ear and was very positively disposed towards our request. That’s great, especially now, when it comes to shaping the project."

Enormous upfront costs

A lot has happened since the cabinet’s decision: "we have acquired buildings and land for future use by the university and are working hard to find transitional solutions so that teaching can begin in 2020. We are currently in the process of drawing up an urban development framework plan," explains the mayor, and added: "the city of kulmbach and the university of bayreuth have already made enormous advance contributions. It would now be very important to be included in the next double state budget with the corresponding construction funds in order to be able to finance the planning services."
The goal of the oberburg master is to hold a round table together with the university of bayreuth in order to present the current status and the content concept to the new, responsible ministers of state. The minister of science has confirmed the date.

Europe’s banks to set aside 55 billion euros for crises

europe's banks to set aside 55 billion euros for crises

The paper refers to plans for the establishment of a so-called banking union. The money is to be paid into a central european resolution fund by 2025, or 2028 at the latest, according to the paper. Until now, taxpayers have stepped in to save banks from bankruptcy. The banks’ precautionary measures and a cost-sharing scheme for shareholders, creditors and depositors should prevent this from happening in the future.

However, it is currently disputed who will have to pay until the bank fund is filled, the newspaper wrote. It is unclear, for example, whether all 6,000 banks in the eurozone will pay into the fund or only the rough 130. It was also unclear who would make the final decision that a bank would have to be closed. A solution is being sought by the end of the year.

Much to do for police and rescuers around the coburger steinweg

Much to do for police and rescuers around the coburger steinweg

Nevertheless, these confrontations kept the police and the emergency room in the coburg hospital quite busy on sunday night.

According to the police report, it started shortly after midnight in the schenkgasse: a 29-year-old and a 27-year-old got into an argument in a guesthouse. The two young men, who were actually friends, were heavily intoxicated. The older man hit his friend in the face with his fist, causing his denture to break.

Bayernlb sues ecclestone for 400 million dollars

Bayernlb sues ecclestone for 400 million dollars

This was confirmed by a spokesman in response to a dpa inquiry. With this, the bavarian state bank makes serious with its announcement of wanting to collect money from ecclestone. In addition to the damages trial, the head of the racing series is also facing criminal proceedings on suspicion of bribery.

The landesbank used to be a major shareholder in formula 1 and believes it sold its shares too cheaply to investor CVC in 2006 because of an agreement between ecclestone and its board member at the time, gerhard gribkowsky. Ecclestone’s lawyer could not be reached for comment on wednesday.

Senior citizens’ council thinks of lonely and needy people

Senior citizens' council thinks of lonely and needy people

"This is again a great action of the seniors’ council", praised mayor german hacker (SPD) in the office of the advisory board in the interim city hall, where more than 230 packages, small packs and bags were piled up.

The seniors’ advisory council and the seniors’ office show a heart for needy families as well as for lonely and single seniors again this year. The seniors’ office’s appeal to the people of herzogenaurach met with a resounding response.

Transport companies struggle for applicants

Transport companies struggle for applicants

As soon as there is a wave of flu or the vacation season approaches, the dispatchers of the transport companies start rotating.

Can they get enough drivers together so that buses, streetcars and subways can keep up the pace?? There are already bottlenecks again and again, and sometimes even trips have to be cancelled. And the problem will get worse: in the next few years, many drivers will retire all over germany. But young talent is already hard to find.

The week: homeland protection and autumn crisis

The week: homeland protection and autumn crisis

This week came somehow everything together. Autumn got itself a veritable identity crisis, because suddenly winter arrived. In addition to the first snowmen in the harz, there was the nobel prize for literature – and boris becker once again came away empty-handed. Lothar matthaus was hit even harder, declared dead by the post office. Then this strange bishop with the strange name – there even had to be an ARD focal point. Finally, the no less strange lightning marathon. What a fuss over a few radar traps! In this context, it also emerged that the police liked it when people stopped saying radar trap – and instead called it speed checkpoint. We cannot do this favor, because the terrible word hardly fits into a newspaper headline.

Before the speeding marathon, a man thought he had to speed up again and drove into a construction site on the A7 at exactly 75 km/h too fast on tuesday. 135 instead of 60. Now he is allowed to run for three months. While in the rest of the country the action was limited to 24 hours, in bavaria it is once again exaggerated and a whole week of continuous speeding is carried out. The new state government is certainly behind this. Presumably the newly elected finance and home affairs minister markus soder. He is french and therefore one of us – so we read. You can also look at it the other way round: franconia is still a great place! With me the man releases no homeland feelings from. And what finances have to do with home is not clear to everyone.

2200 Euros for the lebenshilfe workshop

2200 euros for the lebenshilfe workshop

For one week, a group of trainees worked in the garitz tegut branch, carried out activities and solicited donations for the nudlingen workshop of the lebenshilfe organization. As katharina weber, who was elected as project manager, reported, the young employees were supported with goods in many ways. Their sales campaign of wraps, cakes and bratwursts – motto "bratwurst und weck fur einen guten zweck" (bratwurst and sausage for a good cause) – was well received. A donation box for the nudlingen workshop was "eaten" by the customers and tegut employees supported the donation campaign by baking cakes.

Another action that brought money into the donation box was the organization of a wine evening in a tent in front of the garitz tegut branch. Customers paid a flat price for the wine, which was donated by the shop to the trainees’ campaign, and the heustreu fair youth also entertained them.

Championship titles shot in rows

championship titles shot in rows

It was certainly the oldest of the sommerach clubs: the schutzenverein. Already in the 12. And 14. The youth of sommerach practiced archery in the twentieth century. In the past century, however, there was a long break until franz volk founded the club again as a department of the SV-DJK in 1977. In our series "future workshop sports club", we introduce the departments of the grob club from sommerach.

Back to the schutzen: in the middle ages, there were no clubs as we know them today, but rather loose associations of like-minded people. Due to the second world war and its aftermath, as reported by franz volk, trainer, sports director and club icon of the SV-DJK guardian department, there was no guardian club in the village for a long time. When he started this department in 1977, 30 air rifles from sommerach had already been bought weeks before the foundation, stood in the sense of the word "rifle at fub" and ran into the former baden-wurttemberg state coach at the first shooting.