Between pleasure and frustration

The middle school kirchehrenbach hosted the 25. Practical seminar of the catholic educators’ association (KEG) of the district associations of upper and central franconia held in. Josef kraus, former president of the german teachers’ association and author of "how to drive an educational nation into the wall," attended the anniversary event, invited as keynote speakers.
Teachers and educators between pleasure and frustration? "High expectations are associated with this topic due to the diverse ways of looking at these two in-service sensations, according to kraus, who appealed to "lust" to keep awake, with which padagogen start into their occupation. There are only 800,000 teachers at about 42,000 schools for about eleven million students. For about 3.5 million children, just over 400,000 educators are available in 55,000 preschool childcare facilities.
Overall, the percentage of "riveters and brakemen" is in the educator and teaching profession certainly no rougher than in other professions. The difference: in other professions, it is not so conspicuous if someone is not a role model. A teacher who teaches about 400 different young people a week multiplies his performance or even his" slacker" up to 400 times a week.
Surveys had shown that parents wanted more strictness from teachers. Being a teacher will be "damn difficult", he said classified. Kraus cited the fact that the 16 ministers of education have not been able to produce halay solid personnel planning and recruitment for decades as a major problem. As a result, there is always a shortage of teachers. Likewise, the vision of well-behaved children is a thing of the past. Moms who didn’t show the kids the ropes expected the educational "basics from the staff.
It is becoming increasingly common for parents to act as if the teacher is the only obstacle on the way to the abitur. Moreover, more and more educational tasks were imposed on preschool institutions and schools. The school, however, is overburdened as an all-powerful pedagogical fire department and as a social repair facility.
Educators and teachers became really angry when they were let down by politicians, administrators and so-called educational scientists, or even when they were "screwed" were. New evaluations are of little use in the face of a clientele that in part lacks the will to integrate.
Kraus called it a cliche when bucher headlined:" it all depends on the teacher!" Teachers are important, but it also depends on the schools, their parents, the density of education, the curricula and much more, including the school structure! And it depends on the talent and motivation of the young people.
The success of a school depends to one third on the teachers, the general conditions, the parents and the work attitude of the students. Sovereign teachers don’t like to be made crazy by "education experts". Good teachers are demanding, because without the will to perform and without effort, the potential of young people is wasted. "We don’t need a secondary school, we need a school where achievement is a joy."


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