Baugerust in bad kissingen locks out customers with walking difficulties

Baugerust in bad kissingen locks out customers with walking difficulties

Annemarie arnold is proud of the fact that she can still manage her household as independently as possible without assistance. She does not have a car. That’s why the 92-year-old does her shopping at fub with a walker. Much of what she needs for everyday needs, she gets from kupsch hartmann. The small supermarket on von hessing street is almost the only one that is located directly in the fubganger zone and not in a commercial area further up the road. "I wanted to go shopping on wednesday night and couldn’t get through", she tells.

The store is actually barrier-free and easily accessible via a ramp. However, this was blocked for just under a week by a construction storm. The senior citizen is upset: because it was not announced anywhere that one would be put up and because no one could tell her how long it would remain up. "I’m not the only one with a walking disability. And there are many old people in bad kissingen. You can’t just present old and disabled people with a fait accompli", says arnold. They are dependent on the market. She was able to go to a discount store on berliner platz, but she couldn’t get all the products there, and the climb to the store "is quite a mountain for me."

"Several customers have contacted us about the building", reports store manager dieter hartmann. It stood for a week and was dismantled again by the workers on friday morning. "People with wheelchairs and walkers can shop at our store again", he says.

The owner of the building is the sparkasse bad kissingen. She has had a pigeon screen placed on the facade at a height of ten meters, so that the animals will avoid the place in the future. "The market also has foodstuffs there in the area of the awning. There was a desire to produce a pigeon screen,", says deputy chairman michael rendl. The excrement of the animals had also affected the facade quite a bit. The erection of the stand was prescribed by an inspection in the high, approved accordingly and agreed with the market, emphasizes rendl. Unfortunately, it was unavoidable that the ramp was blocked for wheelchairs and walkers. However, he assures that efforts have been made to keep the disruptions as short as possible. "It was important to us that the junk was gone again after the holiday", he explains.


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