A new beginning after the fire

A new beginning after the fire

Miriam hegner

the forklift slowly lowers its massive load, a brand-new cnc machine wrapped in plastic film and adhesive tape. Tobias reinhardt watches the process with a watchful eye. Because this machine, together with the two others that the forklift truck is bringing into the hall one by one, is the cornerstone of the new machinery of the company reinhardt prazisionsdrehteile, the cornerstone of the new beginning after the catastrophe.

Production hall burned out completely

Six weeks ago, on 9. August, the company’s production hall in gundelsdorf was completely burned down in a major fire caused by a technical defect, and all the machines were destroyed. There was no question that the reinhardts would continue to run their company, invest in new machinery and resume production as soon as possible. Only at which location was not immediately clear shortly after the fire.
In the meantime, the decisions have been made: "we will build on our company premises in gundelsdorf", explains tobias reinhardt, managing director and responsible for technical management. "The new building is already in planning, at the moment we clear the first details with the architect." The remains of the old hall will be demolished this week. "We hope to be able to move into the new building in about a year’s time."

Temporary replacement in market roof

Until then, production will take place in marktrodach: the reinhardts have rented a hall in the gries industrial park. Already since this week the production is running again, with two of the machines temporarily provided by the machine manufacturer. "In addition, we now have the three new CNC machines and another one that was ordered before the fire and has since been delivered." Each of these machines costs around 400,000 to 500,000 euros. The costs will be covered by the insurance company, as will the costs for the new production hall. Further machines are to be purchased in the near future. "Which, how many and when we buy them depends of course on the order situation", explains tobias reinhardt.
Reinhardt prazisionsdrehteile supplies companies in the automotive and electrical industries, medical technology and mechanical engineering with turned and milled parts made of metal and steel.
Some customers accepted the delay in production caused by the fire, says tobias reinhardt, while others took their orders elsewhere but pledged to return to the company once production resumed. "We’ll see how it develops. In the long term, we want to get back to about the same number of machines as before the fire, about 30 units."
Until the move to the new building, however, there will be a maximum of ten, which is also due to the coarseness of the rented hall. "It’s about a third as rough as the one in gundelsdorf. But it is optimal from the supply point of view, it has heating, compressed air and electricity connections and recreation rooms."
The offices will remain in gundelsdorf during the transitional period, because they remained relatively unscathed by the fire. "My brother oliver and i will then probably shuttle between the two locations several times a day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.", so tobias reinhardt.


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