25 Classic cars caused a stir in weibenbrunn

25 classic cars caused a stir in weibenbrunn

The oldtimerclub kronach enriched with 25 vehicles of different manufacturers, models and year of construction again the kerwa like in former times in the beer village weibenbrunn. The proud owners not only took part in the parade with their beautiful cars, they also organized a competition afterwards.

The tests involved stopping with the rear wheel on a square. Another exercise required driving over a balloon with the right front wheel. The third challenging task was to keep a distance of 1.2 meters from a gate. Two treasure questions followed, namely which feather belongs to which vehicle, and in a glass with marbles the amount of marbles was to be estimated.

The winners were heinz schmidt from kups with a ford mustang, year of construction 1964 – he was allowed to take home an ess-service sponsored by the municipality of weibenbrunn – as well as karl pochmann from marktgraitz, who was able to receive the challenge cup of the oldtimer club kronach with his mercedes 190 SL, year of construction 1960.


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