2200 Euros for the lebenshilfe workshop

2200 euros for the lebenshilfe workshop

For one week, a group of trainees worked in the garitz tegut branch, carried out activities and solicited donations for the nudlingen workshop of the lebenshilfe organization. As katharina weber, who was elected as project manager, reported, the young employees were supported with goods in many ways. Their sales campaign of wraps, cakes and bratwursts – motto "bratwurst und weck fur einen guten zweck" (bratwurst and sausage for a good cause) – was well received. A donation box for the nudlingen workshop was "eaten" by the customers and tegut employees supported the donation campaign by baking cakes.

Another action that brought money into the donation box was the organization of a wine evening in a tent in front of the garitz tegut branch. Customers paid a flat price for the wine, which was donated by the shop to the trainees’ campaign, and the heustreu fair youth also entertained them.

When katharina weber was able to present the donation of 2220 euros to martin denninger, the head of the nudlingen life-support workshop, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude. The size of the donation, according to denninger, was surprising. 500 or 600 euros were expected. This is to be used to purchase an additional ergometer for the disabled employees. Denninger already has an idea for the use of the remaining donations: he is in charge of the work-related acceptance tests in the workshop, the financing of which depends on donations. One example is the animal-assisted challenge with a therapy dog. Manuela stellmach from the workshop council also thanked the lebenswerkstatt for its generous support. For katharina weber and her colleagues, the campaign was a very lasting experience and a great learning experience.


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