17 Dead in airplane crash in congo

17 dead in airplane crash in congo

An old german-built propeller plane crashed into a house during takeoff in the congo, killing at least 25 people, according to local authorities.

The plane was carrying 17 passengers and two crew members, according to the office of the provincial governor of north kivu. They were all killed when the dornier 228 crashed into a house shortly after takeoff in the town of goma on sunday, he said. In this house, another six people died in the accident, according to health authorities.

Two more people were seriously injured, according to reports. Initially, there had been talk of 17 fatalities. The cause of the crash of the machine, which is powered by two propellers, was initially unclear. The plane of the airline busy bee congo had problems during takeoff, it simply said.

According to the aviation safety network, the aircraft, which was built in oberpfaffenhofen, bavaria, entered service more than 35 years ago. The aircraft suffered a total loss.

Many african airlines are not allowed to take off and land in the european union because they do not meet the safety standards required in europe. The airline busy bee congo, whose plane crashed in goma on sunday, is also on this eu blacklist.


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